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Useful Websites For Technicians

Build Panoramic Displays From Your Pictures

A. G. Tannenbaum,  Service manuals, test equipment

Annatech Corp., Volumes of repair info

Antenna's, Choosing the Right One For Your Zip Code

Apex Digital

Apex TV Service Manuals

ASTI Magnetics,  Heads,Flybacks

Audio, Repair your own speakers

Audio Visual Parts"

Fax, 631-434-3995

Bob Parker, The Australian Gent That Invented The "Dick Smith" Cap Checker

Capacitors,  Everything you could want to know

Capacitor, Electrolitic Cap Book

Chip Info

Chip Info, Fairchild Semi Datasheets

Computer and Electronics Help From Clint Hamilton
Searches for Semi's

Computer Help and Info

Computer Anti-Virus Program, Free

Computer Online Virus Scan, Free

CRC Components, ( Formerly Contact Industries )

Cumberland Electronics,One-stop Shop For All Your Electronic Needs.

Daewoo Parts

Semi-Conductors, CD/DVD Optical pick ups, Flyback transformers, TV Tuners, Flexible Connectors.

Digitial TV,  a crash course

Electronic Component Databook

Electronic Manufactures on the web, Index

Electronix Corp,  Parts and Links

Encompass Parts Distribution


Fox Parts,  Price and Availability,  Have to call for password. 800-321-6993

Funai - Symphonic
Parts Dept Fax Line 800-409-9345
Phone 800-242-7458

Funai Home Page

1-800-736-7679, Option 7 for parts

HBF Electronics

Hitachi Web,  Bulletins, Training, Service manuals and more.  Must have password, any servicer can get.

Hitachi Customer Service

Hoax Page, Norton

IBM PC Tech Library

Intrepid Video, Contact numbers and lots of other info,  Jeff  Doughtery


JVC Tips Program

Kenwood Parts

Kodak Parts"

KTV Parts
KTV, Inc.
1 Madison Street, East Rutherford, N.J. 07073
Phone: 800-524-1216 or 201-440-9090
Fax: 973-470-9292

Lamps, Replacements

L J Enterprises,  Computer Monitor Parts

MAT Electronics,  Parts

Match-A-Knob, Wholesale Distributor of Electronic Parts and Supplies

MCM Web, Parts

Microwave Info and Tips

Mits Parts and Service Locater

Monitor Repair Tips

Monitor World, Parts and Repair

Mouser Electronics,  Parts and Links

Moyer Electronics,  Parts and Links


North Texas Distributors,  Parts and info


Ohio Sales Tax Exemptions and Form
Ohio Sales Tax Exemptions

Onkyo Parts and Service

Panasonic Customer Service

Panasonic Parts and Service

Partminer----Punch in transistor or IC numbers, it will search many dist for availability and price.  Usually has spec sheet and pin outs.

Pfanstiehl, now called LKG Industries
Ph. 800-645-2262, or Fax 800-554-0795

Philips Parts

Phone-Name Lookup.  Need a name for a phone number??

Plasma TV, The Best Brands At The Lowest Prices

PRB Line, Russell Industries

Radio Shack Parts

Remotes,  1-800-Remote

Remotes,  cheap

Remote Control Codes

Repair Shop
Software product called “Service Attendant”

RCA,  Owners manuals and more.,,CI700078,00.html

RCA Parts and Customer Service

Thomson home page

Repair info, pinouts

Repair info,  good info and links

Riders Index Online


Samsung Service and Support

Sanyo Service

Sears Electronics Parts

Sears Parts Store and Service Locator

Sears Customer Service

Service Manuals

Semiconductors, B & D Enterprises

Semiconductors Cross Reference

ServiceSoftware,  Home of WinStips and Service Talk

Sharp Product Support,1171,,00.html

SK and NTE Search at this site

Soldering Information and Parts

Sony,  Search for parts prices, and accessorys by the model number

Sony Service Mode

Symphonic - Funai Parts and Research Fax Line, 310-320-0634
Order Line, 800-242-7158

Toshiba Web, Bulletins, Training and more.  Must have password, any NESDA servicer can get.


Tubes  Antique Radio

Tip-Top Tuner, Great place, most $25

Tuner Repair

Universal Remote Codes

Used Parts,  Electronic Recycling

VCR Repair Database, Fixer

VCR Repair, Tentel Site

Video Game Repair Parts

Virus, Free On-line Virus Scanner
HouseCall ">">HouseCall

Weller Soldering Irons, Parts & Supplies

Yamaha, Parts and more

Zenith Parts and Customer Service

800 Numbers For Manufactures and Parts Places

Company Locater,  Thomas Register Online

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Original list compiled by NESDA Member Ron Purkhiser,   March 2002
With special thanks to Clint Hamilton
Clint Hamilton, Owner
Orpheus Audio/Video & Computing