J & R TV Service



Garfield Heights, OH
Rich Uminski, CSM
44  (Sept 2, 1957)
Amanda, Brian, Rachel
Watching Sports On TV

Dick Biegacki
64  (April 13, 1937)
Steven, Deborah
Bowling and Bowling

J and R TV Service of Garfield Heights. A way to measure the success of a business is to note it’s longevity and it’s satisfied customers. It is a fact that you can’t fool All of the people All of the time, so partners Dick Biegacki and Rich Uminski must be doing something right or else they’ve discovered the perfect way to fool people. Customers have been coming back to J and R for 48 years. My bet is that they’re doing something right.

Established in 1953 By Richard (Dick) Biegacki and his Father who both graduated from the famous National Radio School, the business was first operated from the basement of the family home, as were many TV Shops in the early days of the medium.

By 1956 the business had outgrown the basement and the elder Biegacki quit his job at a tool company to work full time in the electronic business. “J and R Radio & TV Service” opened its doors at 4823 Turney Road with Mom Biegacki and Richard’s wife Joan Biegacki making it a true “Family” business. Dick’s children also worked at the store part-time during their high school days.

As time passed, changes were made. “Radio” was de-emphasized, and eventually dropped from the name, and several different locations on Turney Road were tried until they finally moved into their present location at 4804 Turney Road. Things continued to change. In the early days, they sold New TV’s as well as doing repair, but they eventually discontinued sales to concentrate on Service.

Currently they perform Home and Shop service on TV’s, PTV’s, VCR’s, Microwaves, Camcorders, and Stereo’s. Eventually, they outgrew their single suite and expanded into the suite next door, and then, in 1974, another change occurred.

The “New Kid” arrived. Rich Uminski, recently graduated from the Garfield High School and Cuyahoga Valley Vocational School, was hired. Rich is the face that customers see when they call for a technician to come to their home. In 1979, the “new” Rich became a partner, and in 1993 he added a CSM to his name.

So, with “Rich” and “Rich” running the business – How come the name “J and R” TV. When I asked Mr. Uminski, he exclaimed, “That’s what I want to Know!” He sat Hunched at his Desk, striking his forehead to the surface crying “Why…Why…I give so much…(sniff)!” When things calmed down Dick explained that it was his Dad “JOE” Biegacki and he that started the business in 1953, and it was “Joe and Richard” for many years. Dick loaned us a photo album showing many photos of the business throughout the years. It was an interesting walk down memory lane.

Rich and Dick are both long time NESDA members. With Rich having served in the past as our local organization’s president, and he is in fact our current NesdaOhio President. Both of these men exemplify NESDA’s Ideals, and we are fortunate to have them as NesdaOhio Members.