Thank you for your interest in joining Nesda-Ohio. Nesda-Ohio is an association of Technicians and Service Center owners - just like you - who have joined in an alliance to help each other in their daily work. It is difficult enough to make a living in this business without regarding every other service center as "the enemy" We don't look at each other as competitors in that we all have our own customer base and our own "niche". By associating with others in our group we are able to help each other with Schematics, Parts, Advice and other tools that allow us to solve our daily problems.

We meet once a month at the Clarion Inn in Hudson, Ohio (halfway between Cleveland and Akron) to have dinner and discuss topics of interest. There is frequently a training session, and currently Computer expert Phil Skoff is conducting a series of classes on computer skills. From time to time there is a guest speaker who would talk on relevant topic. In our monthly meetings, you learn about trends in our business, what's happening among the manufacturers and vendors, Technical changes and techniques, and the general chatter among techs like "You should have seen that Dog I fixed yesterday, it turned out to be....". We share fixes and repair techniques constantly. Need an NLA part? Maybe one of the members has one on his shelf that the vendors do not. Need to ask a question of a particular manufacturer's ASC? You have but to ask one of your friends in the association.

Membership gets you access to the private areas of the Nesda-Ohio website, a storehouse of our collected wisdom. We've been collecting those pesky service menu and demo codes, PIP bypass procedures, Information on that Sony IK circuit, Links to manufacturers and vendors, and other information that we frequently need. A recent project is to upgrade the site to allow file transfers which would allow us to transfer many types of information electronically instead of using snail mail. And membership gets you a free subscription to "The Speaker", the award winning newsletter of NesdaOhio. With the demise of ES&T magazine, there is a dearth of consumer electronics publications and our newsletter fills that void.

The bottom line of all this rhetoric is that you Don't have to "go it alone". Once you join Nesda-Ohio, you'll have an address book of friends on whom to draw when you have a problem. The cost is only $50 to join the Ohio association and begin receiving the benefits that the other members now share.

Please fill out the application today. If you have any questions, Please contact Ron Purkhiser.. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

NESDA-Ohio Application

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