Cleveland Antenna Service Inc.



North Royalton, OH
Jim West
Claims 39, Same as Jack Benny
Son, Jeff, Project Manager, Tex. Inst.
Son, Jon, Firefighter, Berea OH
Son, Joel, Manager Cleveland Antenna Service
Theatre, Gardening, Scuba,
Medical Experiments, And Telling My Kids How To Raise Their Kids

Jim West is a man who gets High when he goes to work every day. What else would you expect from the owner of Cleveland Antenna Service. Jim says that sometimes he gets High several times a day. Cleveland Antenna Service is the Premier company providing Antenna service in the Northeast Ohio area. We asked Jim for a picture of his office, but he replied "Everyone knows what the Cab of a Ford Econoline looks like". He is out all day, traveling to customers homes to meet their reception needs.

Jim Opened his company in 1963 when he went into partnership with Al Skoda, a tech rep for the Admiral Corporation at Frankelite Co. The really old people in the business will recognize those names. Al left to form the Accurate TV Service company in Medina in 1964, and Jim Stayed with Cleveland Antenna. He credits Sheer ignorance and an absolute determination for independence for his decision to carry on alone.

The company can Install, Repair, and Customize Antenna and Satellite systems for their customers. Whenever Jim goes to a customer's home, the customer can tell that something is 'different' the moment he rings the bell. He is the consummate professional. Where the usual "antenna man" comes in wearing a pair of torn jeans and a dirty jacket, Jim wears a distinctive serviceman's uniform and a necktie. Jim offers professional site surveys, reading the Field Strength at many spots around the customer's location so he can select the exact placement for best reception. He prides himself on "Doing the Job Right". Jim has many specialized tools to fish wires between walls to make an attractive installation. He says "The way it Looks is just as important as the way it Works".

Jim's Interest goes back a Long way. He told of the Crystal Set that he built when he was 11 years old, and then improved the reception by using the Bed Spring as an antenna. As he got older, he took an Electronic Home Study course from DeVry Technical Institute in Chicago. Jim has never stopped learning. He studied for the CSM test and earned his Certified Service Manager title very early in his career. "I was the third person to earn CSM in Ohio," he says, "Right after Bob Masa and Ed Erich." Jim is quite proud of those initials after his name and says that the principles he learned guide him in his business dealings

He is also proud of his longstanding affiliation with NESDA as a Life Member. He says "NESDA has taught me about professionalism in business. It has given me a basis on which to put my professional pride. I have many friends that I have met through NESDA. It keeps me from feeling alone in this business. There is always someone who is willing to talk about tech, suppliers, business procedures etc. In this volatile industry, my NESDA buddies have a good record of longevity. And my NESDA friends were very supportive in my recent personal loss. I value my membership more than ever.

Jim gave some quotes of NESDA Wisdom that he's remembered over the years:

"Don't tell me how busy you are, tell me how much money you are making." - Jim Matts, Renown TV.

- - - Decide what you are worth, then charge accordingly! You ought to earn your living with a reasonable investment of your time.

"To be professional, you must look professional. Wear a tie and/or a uniform to command more respect." - Ed Erich, CSM, Erich Radio and TV

- - - - I wear a $10 tie . . . I put it on, then raised my trip charge by $10. Not one complaint! -Jim West, CSM

Jim West is one of the stalwarts of this Trade Organization. His professionalism is admired, and his support is appreciated. Members like Jim have made Nesda what it is today.

This was the day Jim and fellow member Bob Lowe were asked to fill in for the Cleveland Channel 3 News Team. They did real well, but haven't been asked back yet.