Thompson Electronics

Columbus, Ohio
Gary / Karen Thompson
45, Birthday: 9-26-56
Son, Philip
Bowling and Corvettes
Gary's Place

Thompson Electronics specializes in Home Service of Large Screen Projection and Direct view Televisions, Time Lapse VCR's, Security Systems, and All-Home Electronics Products.

In keeping with the Namesake of his city, Gary thrives on breaking new ground in electronic servicing. His innovations and servicing techniques relating to the jigging of PTV's in the shop are a subject of a separate article in "The Speaker", and are items of which he can be justifiably proud. Gary says that he has 7 very good technicians, who perform repairs as an ASC for 11 manufacturers, 8 TPA's, and a number of major retail stores.

Gary says that he got his start at an early age. His Dad owned a service shop and Gary was "helping" him at the age of 3. "I've always had a keen interest in Electronics", says Gary. His first "real" job in electronics was at Castle TV when he was 16 years old, and he has always been involved in Television Service work.

In 1982, Gary and a partner bought an existing service business in Columbus. In 1990, the partner had to drop out due to illness, and Gary and his wife Karen continue to run the business to the present day. Many changes have taken place over the years. The sales end of the business was closed, and Service was expanded. Recently, the entire building underwent a complete face lift, inside and out, and the service operation was computerized.

Gary is a long time member of NESDA, and says that he owes a lot to the organization. He is a former 2 term President of NesdaOhio, and is currently serving as Vice President of our State Organization. He says that his Nesda membership had carried some weight when applying for his ASC authorizations. "Nesda has been valuable in improving my management skills and in dealing with TPA's, Manufacturers, and Customers", he says. Gary is a frequent contributor to the Nesda-Net and can often be seen promoting his message that "To be profitable, Know that the Money is in Home Service on Large Ticket items and/or to specialize in profitable items like Expensive Audio and Time Lapse equipment".

Nesda is proud to have Gary and the Thompson Electronic Service Center as a member.

The "Tag Line" of his signature file on the Nesda-Net sums up his attitude : "WOW - I Love This Business". Well Said, Gary.