Lowe's Electronics


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Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Bob Lowe
52 Birthday Aug. 7 1949
Daughter, Katie (18)
Son, Kevin (14)
Cocker Spaniel "Miga"
Boating, Fishing,
Amateur Radio (KA8IDA)

Located on spacious acreage in Rustic Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Lowe's Electronics has been serving the needs of the community for longer than most of our members have been alive - Including the owner: Bob Lowe,Jr.. Bob's Father, The Senior Bob Lowe, founded the company 55 years ago, in 1946, selling and servicing Radios to fill the home with sound and entertainment. His mother served as Secretary (and many other things) for most of those years. Both have passed away in recent years.

As a youth, Bob often helped out in the family business at the corner of Franklin & Washington Streets.. As he grew, and graduated from High School, his father did just what any of us would do if we had Bob for a son: He shipped him off across the country to attend college in another state. For 4 years Bob attended the University of Miami, in Florida, and emerged with a BSEE degree. It has served him well in the business he now operates, servicing Television, Audio, and Video equipment. Many stores which had sales floors had discontinued that side of the business, but Bob continues to sell Consumer Electronics every day. The large sales floor at Lowe's Electronics serves the Chagrin Valley area as a retailer for RCA, GE, Proscan, Toshiba, and Panasonic products, and provides warranty service for Thomson and Philips. Bob feels that he can offer a "Personal Touch" that the Superstores can't offer. He says that "Most Everything of what we Sell, we Install, so if a customer has any question about operating it, We can usually get them straightened out over the phone". They appreciate that, and usually come back to us for their next purchase.

Bob is proud to be the Second Generation operating the Family Business. He says that it has a sense of "Permanency" about it, since it has "Always Been There". His customers agree, too and he says that he can't count the number of 'repeat' customers who keep coming back - and then their Kids keep coming back. Conversations with the older customers in the store often begin with them saying the phrase "I remember your dadů.". "It gives a warm feeling to be remembered that way", Bob says. Bob is also to be remembered for an innovative invention of his : "Linear Parking". Bob says that it has saved him a fortune in costs of rental & maintenance of the Parking lot. He is confident that he has the longest linear parking lot in all of NesdaOhio. It's called "Washington St."

Bob has been a member of NESDA for 20 years. He has served as long time Secretary to our local organization, and says that it's the last time he'll let it be known that he can take shorthand. Most recently, He has served as our NesdaOhio President until our election earlier this year. When asked of what he is most proud, Bob said "Throwing out all my RIDER'S manuals just so Joe Sopko wouldn't get them. Many people don't know the "dark side" of Bob Lowe, but that is a subject for a different series of articles soon to appear in the pages of "THE SPEAKER".

This was the day Bobby and fellow member Jim West were asked to fill in for the Cleveland Channel 3 News Team. They did real well, but haven't been asked back yet.