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The staff of the "Speaker" has put together a new, exciting, informative and useful monthly publication of great interest to all technicians and Service Center Owner/Operators.

We have feature after feature that other technicians have told us has been useful for their repairs, and most interesting and enjoyable to read.

We have a large mailing list, ( 500 + subscribers across the country ) of which the vast majority are technicians/owners.

Imagine the ad for YOUR company alongside the article being scanned by over 500 pairs of eyes in shops across the breadth of our land. Additionally we offer to our advertisers the opportunity to use us as a conduit for information. If you take on a new line or change your website, we will print your "Press Release" of this information as a separate article at no charge. ( Limit, 4 times a year. )

Below are our current advertising rates

  • Full Page, 6 Time Rate,   $140/month
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You of course can also advertise by the month, just use the 6 time rate, plus a $5 setup fee for each insertion.

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